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5cm (x6000cm), printed packing tape on concrete wall and floor, installation variable
font: Sans Forgetica Regular
tape type 1: “essence of real“
tape type 2: “hyper fake porn“

“Biopic: spit-shined, streamlined narrative; caricature as character; hyper-fake as a way to get at essence of real – exactly reminiscent in all these ways of porn.“
In Reality Hunger, some keywords of David Shields’ book (with the same title) got isolated, rearranged and printed as a loop on packing tape. Reality Hunger, with its function as a line, cuts and comments the exhibition space.
The text fragments ask some serious questions about their own existence as aesthetic objects, which remain unanswered.

realityhunger realityhunger realityhunger
2018, exhibition view Im ersten Rank, Lichtensteig, left side: Transformant #3, Manuel Köchli

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