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book project, dynamic anthology
constantly changing montage of appropriated text fragments
laser print on paper, online book
digital drawings, structure diagram, open content

VERSIONS is a changing text montage that exists in a variety of physical and digital books. The text consists of appropriated text fragments, which are permanently rearranged through computer scripts. There is no single form of VERSIONS, but a multitude of non-hierarchical variants.
Among others, VERSIONS deals with a critique of authorship. Therefore, this book exists only in the form of its many variants.
With the same scripts, which organize the fragments, it’s possible to generate digital drawings. Therefore every book is also a picture which can tell something about its structure and the connections beyond it.
Dynamic writing is an attempt to do realistic art, because reality is both complex and dynamic.
The text also looks for irrational and poetic moments that I call love.
I am in charge of this work, but not the over-all-standing, ingenious creator or owner. VERSIONS is a transparent open source concept and freely accessible online

versions-exhibition view versions-exhibition view
2018, exhibition view Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel
generated digital drawings from local server environment on 65” HD screen
5 stacks of total 55 hard copies, QR-Code with web link on wall

VERSIONS hard copy
13.5x21cm, soft-cover, hand-bound
ongoing series, laser print on coated paper
self-published, 48 single pages
individual content and design, unique copies

online platform versions.solutions

VERSIONS structure diagram
(detail, full content online)


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